Top 10 Best Practices for Business Teams During Quarantine

In a time of global uncertainty, it is easy to lose sight of focus and not have a panoramic view of the situation. What makes the insurance industry different from other industries is the critical role it plays in times of economic stress by helping businesses and consumers manage risk and protect against loss.

To that end, we’ve created a list of best practices and tips on how business teams in the insurance industry can use ForceManager to keep working effectively wherever they are.

Think of it as the roadmap during quarantine to maintain high performance, productivity, and focus on what’s important.

Best practices for using CRM during quarantine

1. Recognize the productivity of your entire team by motivating them to use CRM every day. We have seen a rise in daily use by insurance companies since this type of tool is allowing them to work in parallel and in a cohesive way with the entire commercial team.

2. Switch to the web version of ForceManager. Contact your Customer Success in case you need any kind of support and make the most of the web app from home. Among other things, you will be able to analyze all the data and identify areas for improvement thanks to the intensity, distribution and conversion indicators.

3. Adapt activity tags to represent remote work, that is, create activity categories for customer phone calls, video conferences, team meetings, or online demos.

4. Create new goals in GoalManager for your team to take the situation into account and change their mentality from attacking to defending; update the sales pipeline, register for webinars or investigate the competition, among others.

5. Make sure that all notifications you send to your team are opened, read and understood. Configure NewsManager to improve the flow of information. With the aim of helping our clients in their communications, this add-on is now completely free.

6. Use ForceManager as a GTD ( Get Things Done! ) Organizer. Change the Check-in button to “New task” and Check out to “Completed task” when you have finished them. In this way, you can focus and solve more productively

7. Make meetings with the team reports based on data: Make every commercial prepare a mini-presentation explaining your day, state of the leads, and next actions. You can also use the data recorded in the CRM to train and train the team.

8. Use the best platforms and technology for your videoconferences. Here is a list of essential tools for teleworking, our recommendation is undoubtedly Zoom.

9. The COVID-19 crisis has taught us that digitized companies are the ones that will be strengthened. Now that many companies can’t work, take the time you couldn’t before to review your strategy and adjust accordingly.

10. The most important thing is to define how you are going to help your clients. Look for ways to give them support, and have empathy for their situation, the more bond there is between you, the more loyalty you will generate in the long term towards the product and the brand. Have your team do the same to build stronger relationships during lockdown.

In addition, ForceManager’s professional services team is working to provide support in everything you may need; CRM training and customization, among others.

It is important to be aware of the situation in which we find ourselves and not forget that the effects on the economy will be extreme, however, the insurance sector is in a unique situation to recover. Take advantage of this time to digitize, create empathy with customers, and redefine performance expectations to maintain a 100% motivated and cohesive team.

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