7 Crucial Attitudes of a Good Employee

As a recruiter, you are likely to hear the phrase “I am the ideal candidate for …” during interviews. And while these arguments are important since they reveal a different facet of the candidate, they are not the only thing you should consider when choosing.

Here are some of the qualities of the ideal candidate:

1. Communication

Communication is key to the proper performance of any activity. You are looking for a person capable of expressing themselves and communicating clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing. Also, to practice effective communication , you must be able to practice active listening and retain the necessary information.

2. Leadership and initiative

A good leader takes responsibility for his actions and takes charge of the team to achieve the established goals. Similarly, it is capable of anticipating events and acting autonomously without the need for a third party to intervene.

3. Troubleshooting

It is essential to be able to identify and analyze an existing or potential problem in order to proceed to find the right solutions and autonomously. No business is exempt from problems, which is why employers look for people capable of solving them on their own as much as possible, of course.

4. Commitment

While it is true that commitment to an institution develops over time , it is important to find traits in the candidate that allow you to see in the short term that they will be an ambassador for your company and that you are their first choice.

5. Flexibility

Flexibility and adaptability are two terms that go hand in hand. Find out how flexible the candidate is with regard to schedules, plan changes, and even job changes to get an idea of ​​how they react to these changes. A multipurpose employee is a key part of an organization.

6. Teamwork

Probably the most important quality of all since it shows many of the other attributes such as communication, flexibility, leadership, etc.

Today, the departments of the companies are more integrated, as well as the different work teams; therefore, it requires a collaborator who is able to work towards a common goal together with his colleagues in a harmonious way.

7. Stress and time management

Considering the hectic pace of the world we live in, it is important to have workers capable of handling stress, workload and pressure while still meeting their tasks and delivery limits. The ideal candidate must know how to prioritize tasks and differentiate between what is urgent and what is important .

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