10 Tips for Greater Business Productivity

Fostering a culture of greater productivity should be the goal of any company that aspires to make a difference in the market it operates.

The motivation that you print on your human capital is key to achieving an effective productivity level in the organization. However, there are other resources that are also essential and that can help achieve results in the short and medium term.

In this article we provide you with 10 key strategies to increase the productivity of your business and maximize your dividends.

Learn how to achieve higher productivity

In corporate jargon, productivity is not tied to a single parameter. This is due to a set of actions implemented to save resources, increase quality, improve efficiency levels, optimize processes and achieve maximum results.

Many companies seek to achieve higher productivity, but they do not always achieve the desired result. This may be because the strategies are not suited to the business model or because the actions are not being applied in key areas.

Here are 10 strategies that work to increase productivity no matter what niche you are in.

Study your competition

How fierce and competitive the market can be is no secret to any CEO or entrepreneur. For this reason, it is essential to take concrete actions that stand out from the rest of the businesses that engage in the same commercial activity.

Studying the competition is an effective way to identify weaknesses, enhance capabilities and even create new skills for the organization. Now, how to study the competition?

  • Make a list of your direct competitors.
  • Buy the product and try the service of the competition.
  • Check to see if they are offering an increase or decrease in sale.
  • Ask competing customers about their experience with the product or service.
  • Search LinkedIn for former employees of your competition. Former workers are always a good source of data, as long as they don’t have a confidentiality agreement.

Think about the needs of your customers

Customers are basically the fundamental pillar in the existence of the business. Therefore, it is necessary to know what they need, what they think and how they feel about the product or service that you offer them.

An excellent idea is to invest in customer service software.  This tool will not only allow you to know the concerns and preferences of the client. It will also promote communication and help you stay up-to-date with new technologies.


Today, practically all processes are automated. This requires that you must be constantly innovating, as technology is constantly changing and transforming.

Try to implement more modern management, production, sales and marketing strategies. Using the different applications and digital platforms in all your operational processes is an effective and economical way to innovate and update the business.

Promote a good organizational culture

The success of a company depends on the actions that the leaders implement within the organization. One of the most important strategies is organizational culture, since with this a true sense of belonging is created by the entire team.

How do you foster a good organizational culture? By listening to your human capital, delegating key responsibilities, and relying on the team’s capabilities to solve problems.

In addition, you must maintain fluid communication, share ideas, encourage teamwork, implement an open-door policy, be transparent and flexible.

Promote continuous training of your employees

Investing in the training of your employees is not only a safe bet to increase the productivity of your team. It is also a guarantee to improve the competitiveness of your company in the market.

Continuous training is a key tool to keep a motivated team. Promote professional training alternatives that stimulate the team and give it new skills.

For example, courses to learn or improve a language that improve and optimize communication with customers or suppliers abroad.

Generate rewards for a job well done

Employees who are well rewarded for their work are more motivated, satisfied, and happier workers. All of these are key conditions to ensure that a work team is committed to better productivity and excellence.

A good way to motivate your employees is through rewards . Financial incentives are important, but not the only thing that can create satisfaction in your employees.

Many workers value recognition for outstanding work. Try to generate prizes for the most outstanding work without forgetting those who do not make the first places, but are striving to achieve the objectives.

Allow flexible hours

One of the benefits that generates the greatest impact on employee motivation is flexible hours to carry out their tasks. Learn to reduce working hours, for example, you can implement 4-5 hour shifts a day with rest intervals.

If possible, reduce working days during the week or allow your collaborators to work remotely.

Employee needs matter too

Show interest in the concerns and needs of your human capital. Among the most common requirements of the work team are the following:

  • Reconcile work and family life.
  • Obtain greater autonomy.
  • Achieve promotions and better salary conditions.

Plan well for each department

Businesses have machine-like performance. Therefore, it must be well oiled to function properly. This involves carrying out detailed planning for each department.

Be sure to hire and place each employee in the area that can bring the greatest value and productivity to the company . Define tasks and set objectives and deadlines for reaching goals.

Each area of ​​the organization must be focused on its responsibilities, knowing that in the end the merged and organized work of all departments contributes to greater productivity and the achievement of objectives.

Of the opportunity to grow within your company

The personal and professional growth offered by a company is one of the attributes that workers value the most.

In principle, it is essential to give your employees the tools they need to know themselves better; improve their environment with links, recognize their weaknesses and enhance their strengths .

On the other hand, it is key that employees have the opportunity to scale job positions according to their potential. But keep in mind that worker growth should not only be limited to a job promotion.

It is important to insist on professional training . This will lay the foundation for holistic development, increased productivity, and true employee growth within the organization.


Greater business productivity dependent on a set of actions that must go hand in hand. The strategies encompass actions focused mainly on planning, flexibility, innovation, recognition and professional training.

All these factors put into practice are the key to achieving higher productivity; motivate human capital, avoid staff turnover and, undoubtedly, improve the profitability of the organization.

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